Pajero Sport - Director's Cut

        Vodacom - The Khumalos

         Lemon Water - Still Life

                       Toyota - Rav 4

Fox Crime

Spitfire Films produced a 90 second crime scene that resembled a movie trailer for Ireland Davenport.

Once the film was completed flighted it in cinema. We set up UV lights and hidden cameras to capture the unsuspecting audience's reaction, which was exactly what we'd hoped for. It was a tremendous success! 

Executive Producer
Liesl Karpinski


Executive Creative Director
Phillip Ireland

Creative Director
Anthea Webber

Art Director
Lida Howely

Spitfire Films

Lower Ground Level:
Building 4, Albury Park
Magalieszicht Avenue (Just off Albury Road)
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Liesl Karpinski - Executive Producer
+27 11 325 6227