The year 2010 was massive for most, but while many cavorted themselves into Vuvuzela-delirium, MARKSTRY was busy winning “Best Film” at Durban’s Film Festival. Lucky then that this dapper lad is known as the complete-crew-component – a sourcer, shooter, splicer and synchronized swimmer (every fifth Sunday in February). MARKSTRY will assemble and arrange absolutely everything behind and before the camera with die-hard detail, because his talent for the technical is backed by an unflinching commitment to his craft. Here and now, that means continuity of content. With an impressible

inclination for the internet and how it offers more mileage for your media budget, MARKSTRY is motivated by making movies that do more than just meet the mandate – or its margins. How is he all of this – you ask? Studying Performance at Rhodes before Narrative at Film School supercharged our trailblazer’s compulsion to create memorable magic, and now it’s only your briefs that will keep MARKSTRY sane. That… and synchronized swimming. But that’s only every fifth Sunday in February. So you brief, you win!






Online / Activation / Music Video