Peter Heaney

We are proud to announce that Peter Heaney has joined the team as director. Heaney, whose career began in front of the camera, graduated with a BA (Hons) in Theatre and Performance from the University of Cape Town. He soon found his passion behind the camera and since then has received much acclaim as a director, the most recent being another ATKV Mediaveertjie for Best Director for the award-winning SABC drama, Erfsondes. “Directing commercials was the next logical step in my career,” he says. “The attention to detail and creative as well as technical resources have long been something I've been keen to tap into.

Spitfire is an exciting new collective playing in that space. They've been putting out great workand the team excites me with its wealth of talent and experience.”

“Peter has an incredible ability to get performances and is the best out of everyone,” says Liesl Karpinski, Executive Producer at Spitfire Films. “He is simply professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.”