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Markstry in the driver’s seat as Renault KWID takes off. 

The new Renault KWID has a taste for adventure with dynamic performance. Spitfire’s Markstry? Ditto. Which is why Markstry and Renault are a match made in … the studio and on location. With a zippy two week turnaround time, including one studio shoot-day and three location shoots, Markstry delivered as impressively as the Renault KWID did, in the city and out in the countryside.


When you need to supersize your content, order a Spitfire

with all the trimmings. 

What would you like with your new McDSupremes burger? McDonald’s digital agency Mirum wanted the lot, and Spitfire’s Markstry was more than happy to oblige. Disco ball? Check. Dancing guy? Check. Picnicking couple, hot air balloons, shopaholics, saxophonist, golfer, aeroplane, fireworks? Check, check, check!


late night drinks at AdFest

It was a big two nights at the Revolving Bars, Pattaya last week during AdFest with Campaign Brief Asia along with our sponsors and friends Directors Think Tank (KL/Singapore), PixelBox (Shanghai/HK), Fuse (KL/Singapore), Fingerprint Films (Mumbai) and Spitfire Films (South Africa) hosting 'late night' casual 'networking with friends' nights.


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