Imagine what you can achieve with the right team of savvy, motivated individuals with the perfect balance of skills, guts, can-do attitude and lustrous moustaches, right?

Damn right! That's why you need Spitfire as your wingman for your next visual project.



Liesl Karpinski - Executive Producer

Liesl was going to be a rich and successful lawyer, which was swiftly overruled after she interned at a film company in the US. Sure, criminals may walk free everyday because she became the film industry’s most kick ass producer, but behave badly with her budget and you’ll be in contempt before anyone calls “cut!” Based on the successes delivered for an impressive list of clients – and a cabinet collapsing under the weight of D&ADs, several Loeries, Vuka awards and more – the folks at Harvard bestowed her with their Honorary Masters Degree in Awesome. It’s in the mail, for realsies.

 There are Cannes Lion awards and an Oscar or three on the horizon, and yes – your briefs are still admissible.  Here’s the catch: hard work like hers comes with a warrant for lunch. Why? Probable cause. Awesome like this has gotsta eat! So? How many should we book for?

AK – Director

After studying Stills and then Film, AK changed the game as a runner on the blockbuster feature 'Nuclear Burndown'. (Mmm… no… us either…). Despite the great loss to running, AK moved on to promo producing and editing his way up to the high dive for a career that continuously places firsts for the likes of Adidas, Investec, BMW, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and, well, any more names in a list like this would be bragging.

 His special effects strengths and cinematic magic make marvelous happen for strong conceptual ideas, and, with five Dogstar Golds, several Asian & Adfest Awards, British Design Awards, D&AD, Cannes and other pieces of film-related bling, AK’s leaving the running to Usain Bolt and boldly going where no one named ‘AK’ has gone before. This includes documentary filmmaking and a current project called ‘Fracking the Karoo’. Got a cool idea? Let’s talk. Run, don’t walk.

Rajay Singh - Director

Rajay is a Director who really understands commercials – inside and out! Arriving on set in 1997 as an odd boy, Rajay got to know the business intimately, quickly becoming coordinator, then line producer, producer and Assistant Director before being asked by an agency friend in 2006 to direct an ad for a large telco client. Since then he’s never looked back – unless it’s through a viewfinder.

With a solid foundation in production and a strong talent for visual story telling, it’s no surprise Rajay was soon filling his trophy cabinet with multiple awards from Cannes, AdFest, Spikes and Kancil, and shooting in locations as diverse as the U.S., Tanzania, India and Japan.

Constantly pushing the production design, lighting and styling envelopes, Rajay works every idea and script tirelessly until it satisfies his extremely high demands for perfection and his passion for nailing the message – while sparking the emotions of target audiences in every TVC he shoots.

Well travelled, well versed in directing, and now … well, a Spitfire on a mission. See what magic he can spark in your next board!

akin Omotoso - Director

With more ethnic diversity than a gallery in Paris, Akin Omotoso is better known too. And because a leading role on South Africa’s most successful soapie – and starring with Leo in Blood Diamond (yeah, it’s totes like first name basis and stuff and stuff) barely scratched the surface of this talent-storm – Akin flexes the pen and calls the shots behind the camera too. It works. And well! There’s that Standard Bank Artist of the Year Award, a Best Director at the South African Film & Television Award, and invitations to show at both Cannes and Toronto’s film festivals to prove it.

His perceptive passion for all things production makes Akin a seriously safe bet for brilliance – hashtag amazing, hashtag director. Talk to Akin about your next TVC brief. Even if it is just to hear him talking back to you.


Peter Heaney – Director

Banana chutney is not a good idea. Touching someone on their studio? Also. Booking the right guy for the gig in order to get gold? It’s a no brainer. That’s how we feel about Peter Heaney and his fit in the world of commercials. This multitalented, acclaimed, and awarded long form director is able to translate the creative crux for stories being told in thirty seconds (or thereabouts) without losing any of the magic in the momentum. He brings a big-league grasp on the full process of production which sweats the small stuff – so that you don’t have to.

Think performances – which happen to be Pete’s secret power – and the work speaks for itself. And despite what you may read in the tabloids, he’s never touched anyone on their studio. On purpose. Unless they asked him nicely.

Ed Van Blerk - Junior Director / Animator

Ed van Blerk’s greatest talent is his love for a challenge mixed with a calmness under pressure. This is the exact know-how that made him the perfect candidate to take over from Isabel Jones when she moved on, but a burning craving for the creative led him on a different path. Starting with DTP and design, working on the 2010 World Cup bid and then animation for TVCs, this is one cool cat.

He cooks too! His keeps his famous recipe for brussel sprouts in his phone under  “Pizza Delivery” because anything to do with brussel sprouts is just childish really and we’ve got art to make here. Ed learnt everything he knows about revenge from the Count of Monte Christo, so… send him a brief. Soon. Just saying.


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